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Mandolin Mondays - End of the World Waltz

I've recently had the enormous pleasure of being featured on the Mandolin Monday's YouTube series run by David Benedict. For my video, I did a solo mandolin arrangement of a tune I wrote for the new Jaywalkers album called 'The End of the World Waltz' (cheerful hey?).

For those of you who enjoyed the video and want to have a go at learning the tune, I have done 3 versions of it for you to have a go at. For the advanced players among you, I would recommend learning the intermediate version first and then moving on to the advanced arrangement as the adv. version builds on the int. one. Click on the links below to download the tab/music:

Any questions, then just drop me a message via the contact page.

Please do check out the other free lessons available on this page

Hope you enjoy!


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