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New to the mandolin? You'll find everything you need to know on this page to get you started. Get in touch if you any questions

Your first steps on the mandolin.....

Hello and welcome to the mandolin! On this page, you'll find everything you need to get you started. Once you have worked through this page, you should be in a position to start learning some harder tunes and working through more of the Free Lessons. If you have any questions at all, get in touch via the contact page... good luck!


How to hold the mandolin

Before we can play anything, It's vital that we're holding the instrument properly. This video should give you the right method to not causing any pain or problems for you as your playing progresses. Remember, nothing should be tense!

How to tune the mandolin

Next, we need to make sure we're in tune! Otherwise, all that hard work you put into playing the right notes will be ruined by the out of tune strings. Make sure you have GDAE memorised.

Your first notes on the mandolin

Time to make some noise! This video will just get you making some sounds out of the mandolin, full music will be discussed later.

How to read 'tab'

Before you can start playing tunes, I recommend that you learn how to read Tab. I have written a comprehensive pdf workbook into reading tab that should be everything you need to get up to speed. Click the link below to download it:


Your first tune on the mandolin

Ok, now it's time to play a tune! This is the tune that I always start beginner mandolin players with. It's called 'Old Joe Clark' and is a standard Bluegrass fiddle tune that you will be able to play in any session. You can download the tab/music here.

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