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My Gear

Although I strongly believe that gear is probably only responsible for about 10% of your actual sound output (a great mandolin player could get a tune out of a frying pan with 8 strings glued on), some of you may be interested in what gear I use. Please note, this is what works for me, what works for you and your mandolin could be completely the opposite to me. I am not  endorsed by any of these companies, all gear choice has been a long slow, 10 year process of finding the right equipment for me, both acoustically and on stage.

Mandolin: Kristufek (Krishot if you're in America) model #269

Made in 2002 by the Czech mandolin builder Edward Kristufek, this is an amazing mandolin that has been with me since 2005. It has some odd quirks to it that make it stand out like a solid, one-piece mahogany back and a sanded down fingerboard to stop your hand slipping all over the place 

Pick: Wegen Picks 1.14mm Bluegrass Plectrums

(In white so I can easily find them if I drop them on stage)

Tuner: D'addario Planet Waves PW-CT-12 NS Micro Headstock Tuner

Pick-Up: L.R Baggs Radius DI

Clip-on Mic: Audio Technica Pro35

Pedals: see below

Boss EQ

LR Baggs

Para Acoustic 

Headway EDB-2

Orchid Mute Pedal

LR Baggs Pickup

LR Baggs Pre-Amp

Boss EQ to boost signal for solos

AT Pro35 Mic

Headway to blend Mic & DI into one signal

Orchid Mute Pedal

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