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Like many musicians at the moment, I've had the majority of my work cancelled for the next few months. So I have a lot of spare time on my hands.... and I'm assuming most of you will as well. So to help you all with your mandolin practice in the upcoming isolation periods, I've lowered the prices on all of the options available from MandoMike. 

All of my booklets are now just £4.99 to download or £9.99 to purchase the physical copy.

I have dropped the price of my Skype lessons to £10 per half hour .. and DIY Lessons (your own choice of lesson emailed to you with pdf workbook & mp3's) are now £20. Or, you can simply donate to MandoMike at the bottom of the page. 

Stay safe and play more mandolin!

Mando Mike Isolation Discounts

Hello and welcome to MandoMike.com! My name is Mike and I'm here to help you improve your mandolin skills, whatever level you are. This website is completely subscription free and I publish a free lesson every month! Each lesson is structured into 3 different levels, so there will be something for everyone and videos will go up on my YouTube channel to accompany each lesson. Have a watch of the welcome video opposite and sign up to the mailing list above to receive the free lesson every month direct to your inbox.

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If you want to learn something more specific than the free monthly lesson, head over to the Lesson Options section of the website where you'll find everything from skype lessons or lessons in person to downloadable workbooks and tailor made lessons for that tune you've always wanted to learn. I also have PDF workbooks available on this page.

If you don't want any of the items available on the Lesson Options page, but want to donate a small amount to help me keep this website up and running, that would be hugely appreciated. Click the button opposite to donate, any amount, not matter how small, is a great help. Thanks, Mike


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