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Intermediate & Advanced Workshop:

"Fiddle Tunes & Improvising"


Sunday 6th December

7pm - 9pm (GMT / UK time) - Tickets: £10

Join us for a Zoom workshop suitable for Intermediate & Advanced players. Over the two hours we'll look at two standard fiddle tunes and how we could go about improvising over them. We'll start with the theory behind improvising and then move on to where it can fit around standard fiddle tunes.

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Mando Mike Zoom Workshops!

Beginner & Intermediate Workshop:

"Tunes & Techniques"


Wednesday 2nd December

7pm - 9pm (GMT / UK time) - Tickets: £10

Join us for a Zoom workshop suitable for Beginner & Intermediate players where, over the course of two hours, we'll take a look at 2 tunes. Beginner players can focus on learning the tunes, but for Intermediate players, we'll look at ways of embellishing them with slides/hammer-ons & pull-offs, double stops, drones and various other techniques that I might decide to challenge you with. 


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Hello and welcome to MandoMike.com! My name is Mike and I'm here to help you improve your mandolin skills, whatever level you are. This website is completely subscription free and I publish free lessons every month! Each lesson is structured into 3 different levels, so there will be something for everyone and videos will go up on my YouTube channel to accompany each lesson. Have a watch of the welcome video opposite and sign up to the mailing list above to receive the free lesson every month direct to your inbox.

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If you want to learn something more specific than the free monthly lesson, head over to the Lessons With Me section of the website where you'll find everything from skype lessons or lessons in person to downloadable workbooks and tailor made lessons for that tune you've always wanted to learn. 

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