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Beginner & Intermediate Zoom Workshop:

"Tunes & Techniques"


Wednesday 2nd December

7pm - 9pm (GMT / UK time) - Tickets: £10

Join us for a Zoom workshop suitable for Beginner & Intermediate players where, over the course of two hours, we'll take a look at 2 tunes. Beginner players can focus on learning the tunes, but for Intermediate players, we'll look at ways of embellishing them with slides, hammer ons & Pull offs, double stops, drones, chords and various other techniques that I might decide to challenge you with. 


You do not need a working webcam or camera, or even a microphone to join the session. I will be encouraging people to have their cameras turned on so we can get a sense that we are all playing together, but there will be absolutley no pressure to do so, if you wish to remain unseen that is no problem at all. Everyone will have their microphones muted, so no-one will be able to hear you :-)


If you are unable to attend, full refunds are available at any stage before the workshop.


There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout the workshop and there will be a short interval halfway through. Sadly, you will have to provide your own drinks and snacks.


If you have any questions, then get in touch via the contact page.

Workshop 1 - Beginner & Intermediate


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