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6) Oct '18 - Marie's Wedding, Hesleyside Reel, Trip to Miriam's

Updated: Feb 9

Hello fellow mandolin player! As the nights start to draw in and the garden centres already have Christmas tat on sale, here we are with lesson #6 of the 'Free Monthly Lessons' via www.mandomike.com! Yes, we are already 6 months in to this new online venture! A few orders of business to attend to before we get into the lesson content:

- These lessons are free for everyone and anyone, so please do not hesitate to forward this on to any of your mandolin playing acquaintances, I want as many people as possible interacting with mandomike and the free lessons. - If you have any questions about the material in the lessons, head over to the Contact Me Page and I'll respond as soon as possible. - Over on the 'Lesson Options' section of the website, you can explore further options to improve your playing. I'm available for skype lessons, lessons in person … or I can write you a personalised pdf lesson if you'd rather learn something new at your own pace. As with all of the lessons, I have split it into 3 levels, and there are accompanying videos linked into this blog post and also over on my YouTube channel


For the beginner lesson, we're going to look at a Scottish tune called Marie's Wedding. I will teach you the melody using all down strokes (everything on the beat), then we'll learn it again with some notes moved 'off the beat' and therefore some UP strokes are needed. The lesson can be downloaded here and the corresponding video is here.


For the intermediate lesson, I want to show you a great little Irish Reel called The Hesleyside Reel. It's a tricky tune, so in the lesson, I'll hopefully show you how breaking the tune down into 8 smaller phrases can make it much easier to learn The lesson can be downloaded here and the corresponding video is here.


For the advanced lesson, I want to show you a difficult tune called 'Trip to Miriam's'. It sounds like a traditional Scottish tune, but is actually written by a Colin Farrell who's from Manchester (UK). It contains a couple of tricky phrases that I will guide you through. The lesson can be downloaded here and the corresponding video is here.

If you have any questions, or any problems with accessing the lessons or the videos, please just get in touch.

See you next month! Hope you enjoy the lesson :) Mando Mike

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