27) July 2020: Blackberry Blossom, Fiddle Tune Chords & Toss the Feathers

Hello MandoMike reader! I say this every month, but I mean it now more than ever - I hope you are well?. Here's what we have in stall for all you Mandolin players in this month's Free Lessons:

Beginner - Blackberry Blossom

For the Beginner lesson, we're going to look at a fiddle tune all mandolin players should learn at some stage in their playing. This is a tune called Blackberry Blossom and if you go to ANY jam session, everybody will know it. I still love playing this tune and I've roped Jay in to help us have a jam of it at the end of the video. The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here, and the corresponding video is here.

Intermediate - Liza Jane Chords

For the Intermediate lesson, we're going to pick up from last month's lesson on the fiddle tune called Goodbye Liza Jane (sometimes called 'Little Liza Jane'). We looked at the melody in June, and in this month's lesson we'll be looking at the chords. I want to show you a different way of approaching the chord progression that isn't your usual way. The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here, and the corresponding video is here.

Advanced - Toss the Feathers

For the Advanced lesson, we'll be looking at a great Irish tune called Toss the Feathers. First we'll learn the core melody ... then we'll look at adding triplets and trills to try and imitate flute, whistle and violin players who can play these kinds of ornamentation with ease. The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here and the corresponding video is here.

These lessons are completely free and I intend to try to keep them that way... the best way of supporting Mando Mike is by booking me for a Skype Lesson, a DIY Lesson or by purchasing any of the books on the shop page. Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far in the last 2 years of running Mando Mike and I look forward to bringing you much more mandolin content!

If you have any questions, or any problems with accessing the lessons or the videos, please just get in touch. For anyone new to the website, all previous Free Lessons are still available here :-)

See you next month! Hope you enjoy the lesson :) Mando Mike

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