22) Feb 2020: Chords, more Chords & Madame Neruda

Hello MandoMike reader! I hope you are well, I am excited to be bringing you the Free Monthly Lessons for February 2020. I am really pleased with how the lessons have come out this month, the subjects I chose required a bit of extra work this month so I have split the Beginner & Intermediate lesson into two separate files so that each area could be that little bit more detailed!

Before we look at the lessons I'd just like to remind you all about the new booklet I published a few weeks ago! It's called 'Tunes from the British Isles' and it's a collection of 25 really interesting tunes from all over the UK. It is available as a pdf download or as a physical booklet and ALL orders come with a free mp3 play-along. You can get your copy over at the Mando Mike shop.

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has purchased it so far... it really is a great way of supporting Mando Mike whilst receiving something in return. If you have had chance to start working through your copy ... I'd love to hear your feedback (good or bad)!

Beginner - How to play Chords

For the Beginner lesson, we're going right back to basics. This is aimed at beginners who are still unsure about playing chords. We'll discuss the 3 main things you need to know to start you on your chord learning journey, and I'll rope in my band-mate Jay to help us practice the material . The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here, and the corresponding video is here.

Intermediate - How to accompany singers

For the Intermediate lesson, we're going to look the two main options you have when it comes to playing with singers. I'll rope in my band-mate Jay again to help us demonstrate the two ways we can play chords with others . The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here, and the corresponding video is here.

Advanced - Madame Neruda

For the Advanced lesson, I have one very difficult tune for you to look at. This is a tune that didn't quite make it into the final edition of the new book. It's called Madame Neruda, it's written by Scott Skinner, and it has A LOT of triplets in the final version. Good luck! The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here and the corresponding video is here.

These lessons are completely free and I intend to try to keep them that way... but this is quite a time consuming exercise … if you are enjoying the lessons, please do consider making a donation to MandoMike via the link at the bottom of the homepage … or go and purchase the new book .

If you have any questions, or any problems with accessing the lessons or the videos, please just hit 'reply' on this email. For anyone new to the website, all previous Free Lessons are still available here :-)

See you next month! Hope you enjoy the lesson :) Mando Mike

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