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20) Dec '19: Star of the County Down, Star of Munster

Updated: Feb 7

Hello MandoMike reader! I hope this blog finds you well, I am excited to be bringing you lesson #20 of the 'Free Monthly Lessons'. I've decided not to go down the Christmas carol route this month (I did that last year) .. instead I thought I'd provide an antidote to the never ending Christmas music and focus on two of my favourite Irish session tunes.

Beginner & Intermediate - Star of the County Down

For the Beginner & Intermediate lesson, I want to look at the Irish ballad 'Star of the County Down'. There's a few different versions of this, so mine is taken from the Van Morrison/Chieftains version. For Beginners, we'll look at the standard melody and the chords. This is a tricky one for the chords as they're really fast moving. For the intermediate players, we'll have a quick look at some music theory, then we'll play a harder version of the tune, then we'll look at a different way of playing the chords. The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here, and the corresponding video is here.

Advanced - Star of Munster

For the Advanced lesson, I want to look at a standard Irish session tune called 'The Star of Munster'. The A part is fairly straightforward for an advanced player, but the B part requires a little thought on left hand position. Once we've learned the melody, we'll have a look at adding some tricks and frills to try and emulate Irish flute players. The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here and the corresponding video is here.

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See you next month! Hope you enjoy the lesson :) Mando Mike

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