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16) August '19: Salty Dog Blues, Double Stops & Chords in Bb

Updated: Feb 7

I hope this blog finds you well, I am excited to be bringing you lesson #16 of the 'Free Monthly Lessons' published via www.mandomike.com. I'm delighted with how the lessons have come out this month, and I hope you'll enjoy the two areas I've chosen to look at; one is how to play chords in Bb, the other is looking at Salty Dog Blues & Double Stops. Before I show you the lessons, I'd just like to mention that I have finally built the 'New to the Mandolin' section of the website. This is aimed at people who are absolute beginners, so may not apply to any of you. But, if you know anyone who is just starting out on the mandolin, please point them in that direction and the videos on there should help them get started on the instrument. Here's a bit more info on what I have in store for you all for this month:

Beginner & Intermediate - Salty Dog Blues & Adding Double Stops

For the Beginner & Intermediate lesson, I want to look at the tune 'Salty Dog Blues' and then add some Double Stops to the melody. We'll start with a look at the basic melody and chords, then once you have mastered that, we'll look at how to add Double Stops and play through some examples . The lesson pdf can be downloaded here and the corresponding video is here.

Advanced - The hardest fiddle tune on the mandolin

For the Advanced lesson, I want to show you how to play chords in the awkward key of Bb. We'll look at 3 different ways you can play the chords and we'll use the tune from last month - President Garfield's Hornpipe - as an example . The lesson worksheet can be downloaded here and the corresponding video is here.

These lessons are completely free and I intend to try to keep them that way... but this is quite a time consuming exercise for me so if you are enjoying the lessons, please do consider making a donation to MandoMike via the link at the bottom of the homepage .... or go and purchase the new PDF workbook :-)

If you have any questions, or any problems with accessing the lessons or the videos, please just in touch via the contact page.

See you next month! Hope you enjoy the lesson :) Mando Mike

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